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About 405 network

405 Network has been providing clients with successful custom technology solutions. Much of our success is due to the expertise of our talented team. From our executives who have built the foundation, to our director team, who ensure successful client engagements, to our innovation team that keeps us on the leading edge, and to our Board of Advisors, whose depth of knowledge and expertise is unmatched.

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Although the 405 Network team provides a wide variety of solutions for our clients, our services typically fall under 4 core categories.


The secret to getting projects done on time lies heavily within our streamlined project execution process. While other companies may leave you out of the loop during a project’s development, we have carefully crafted a process that relies on client participation. We invest in our clients’ vision and work closely with them to produce an extraordinary solution. Projects are quoted on simple project based pricing including only the features and services you need. Our process ensures that this culture of excellence is carefully transferred into each and every project.


We understand your concept. We take the time to learn your project in and out. We put in the same amount of passion for the project as you do. This is the difference between getting the job done and creating something we have personally invested in.


We provide technological insight coupled with business insight based on our experience with hundreds of projects and dozens of different industries. We help you launch your initial idea in the form of a prototype, functional version or a presentation that includes UI and UX.


Using agile methodologies we build scalable and stable solutions. We will send prototypes to you at relevant checkpoints to get your feedback and adjust the project as neede

Quality Assurance

Throughout the entire development phase we follow best practices we have adopted over time to ensure the highest quality possible. Afterwards we conduct further diagnostics to ensure the clients desired functionality and run hands on beta tests. You will be able to test your solution and make final suggestions before it goes live.


Our primary goal is to launch a successful project for our clients. We believe in win-win partnerships. If it is not beneficial to our client’s project, we will not recommend it. We will always turn down the opportunity of profit if the outcome will hurt our client.

Consulting and Support

In addition to anticipating your post release needs, we will continually manage the documentation of potential future phases and what is sometimes considered a wish list. While it may not be on the forefront of your mind, it is comforting knowing that someone is watching the industry, technologies and tools that can impact the solutions that will help you to achieve your long term business goals.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth automating!


We understand your business needs and provide precise technological solutions. We seek ground breaking new projects that will open doors in the market. If it hasn’t been done or been rumored impossible, we will be the first to do it. Additionally, we work with you, not against you to understand the expectations of the project. We listen carefully and hear what you say and propose tech solutions that meet your project needs and recommend improvements you may not have thought of.

We are good at

Here at 405 Network, we listen to the specific needs of our clients and translate that into a tangible solution for them. Additionally, we pride ourselves on getting it right the 1st time without the need for several revisions after going live. Below illustrates our happy clients who have had no revisions (after their initial launch) to date.

Where is mobile going” not “what is mobile doing”. This is the foundation to our approach with every client that walks through our doors. Experience tomorrow right now as we unveil a new approach to mobile and how you connect with your audience.